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What is computers recycling?

computer recycling is a way of postponing putting computer parts or whole component to landfills by reusing or restoring the computer. computers recycling can also be referred to as re purposing computers to prevent harmful toxins from getting to the environment. The purpose are not only aimed at benefiting the environment only but also assist the owner get more value from the computer by reusing it or getting parts from it.

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How Recycling is achieved

A computer may outlive to serve a particular purpose it was originally meant to serve and on the hand when it function is redefined it can still continue serving its new function, for instance with upgrading of operating you may realize that the old computer becomes incompatible to newly released operating system and therefore you may discontinue using the computer. A good example is when your computer is operating on windows 2000 and Microsoft release has released windows 7. You may realize that maintaining the earlier version can cause a serious challenge due hardware and chipset incompatibility. In such a situation one needs to think for a viable solution out of this problem. You may need to consider installing a different operating system such as linux software and use a linux box which is less demanding in terms of computer resources.

Computer components are also valuable and give money for value in case the entire computer is no longer needed. Recycling these prevents those entering landfills sooner. You may only be required to identify new use for the a particular computer part and put it back to use as not all parts are rendered obsolete at once. For instead hard drive can still be slaved to new computer and still be used.

Re using of old computers is very important to the environment as computers are considered to hazardous household waste. These are usually generated in thousands every day. The reality is that most computer owner do not care how they dispose of these computer s once they get there replacement. Some have dumped them in dust bins to be burned in incinerator. This has seen increase in toxic chemicals finding their way into the ground water, or atmosphere. The backup batteries are the most common parts you will find dumped in landfills. These batteries contain cadmium, nickel among other heavy metals. The computer motherboards on the other hand contain a lot of chromium and the cathode ray tubes are containing lead. These are toxic metal that have been to know cause serious ailment to human being and yet we still continue to generate them every day.

Instead of dumping this computer in mass, owners are encouraged to wipe their data and donate them to charity or people who need. This seem to be working pretty well as it has seen prices of computers being contained from sky rocketing as there are many second hand computers that are cheap and therefore are serving the demand for computers.

Governments should also come up with procedure of assisting computer user dispose of their computers in a safe way. This can be strengthened by establishing laws that guide people.